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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wakey, wakey! It's day breaky!

Fabel 2 is an RPG-type game. And it is quite amusing. You get to run around as a hero (male or female, your choice, and does not really affect game play), be good or evil (which affects your appearance), defeat the evil guy who killed your sister, and buy stuff (buildings, items, whatever). It has multiple side quests, you can get married (and, yes, you can marry someone of the same sex, multiple people, and even have kids). You can complete the main gameplay at your own pace, and continue playing afterwards to earn more gamer points. And there are quite a few amusing gamer points.

This game is very easy to sit and play for days on end, until you beat the game and collect most of the points and items...I'm not convinced of how re-playable the game is, however.

I'd say that the dog is the best part of the game. I'm not even a pet person, but without your dog by your side the game just seems...weird. Besides, your dog finds all sorts of great items and treasures for you!

While very fun, and a game in which you are never lacking in things to do, even after the main plot is completed, one of the few drawbacks is the sounds. While funny and amusing at first, by the end of the game, the town crier and other noises are just, frankly, annoying.

The hour is...very late.

Monday, November 3, 2008

List of unfinished projects:
1) that darn pearl necklace (second strand)
2) Anna's doll
3) Syd's sweater
4) my sweater (seaming)
5) butterfly needlepoint pillow (background)
6) geek cross-stitch

Additionally, this week there is the election (tomorrow), Wednesday is Mom's birthday, and Thursday we are going to a Microsoft convention thing.