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Monday, March 16, 2009

Various Updates

I haven't been very good at writing blog posts lately, unfortunately. :\ I am ashamed. :P

I finally finished that darn pearl necklace! Well, it still needs fray check to seal the knots, but that is about it. :D I got rather down to the wire with the length of silk thread left over, but I made it. So now I have a matching necklace & bracelet of tiny white pearls.

I'm still working on the Mystic Star KAL. I want to buy some more yarn to dye, but I haven't decide what yet. I'm planning on casting on to knit a goldfish or something cute to work on in the car because I don't have any mobile projects at the moment, and it is bugging me.

I have a long to-do list this week. :(

I also knit myself a pair of Evenstar fingerless gloves, in yarn that I dyed, a very bright (but pretty) shade of purple. I would like to knit more gloves, but the ones that I really want to knit I need a different weight of yarn for (and I want to dye the yarn for that myself).

I have been working on the ASP.NET video tutorials, and I am making good progess.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Le Meh.

So I am finally finally finally 16" into the back of Syd's sweater, which means I get to start the arm hole decreases, yay! I feel like I am kinda making some progress now. ^_^

Tomorrow I am going to: go through the clothes in the closet, go through all of our bank statements in an attempt to find tax info, and I want to bake chocoalte chip cookies...and maybe if I am really "with it" I will bake something yummy for Syd, I dunno. XD I also need to get groceries, which I was going to do today but didn't because I had such a bad migraine. Hopefully tomorrow my head will be all better.

Stupid spring weather turbulance. >.<

I love spring but I hate weather changes. :(

I also need to finish the Hobbit Comic I started and then write more script. The next few pages I'm really looking forward to, yay!

Mom is coming over and we are going shopping or something Monday or Tuesday, I am waiting to hear back from RHT about interview stuff and need to stop by their office sometime...hmmm what else....I would like to dye more yarn but I haven't decide what for, more fingerless mitts (two possible patterns, one that I would dye different blues the other...I'm not sure, maybe reds? I think I am going to have to invest in some more dye colors sometime...) or legwarmers to "match" (ish) my Evenstar gloves.

Oh I need to get Syd to take pictures of my gloves still, and we need to scrapbook, but Syd has been so busy working. :( Oh well.

I also didn't make it to the crafts store today like I wanted to (stupid migraine >.<), so I still want to make stitch markers and stuff but I didn't get the color that I need and I want to make them all at the same time...maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not. *shrug*

I should go to sleep now-ish so that I can get up in the morning with Syd in case Mom is coming over. I feel so uninspired. :P