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Thursday, September 18, 2008

That darn pearl necklace!

So, I was supposed to sew a button back onto one of Syd's shirts. He needs to wear the shirt tomorrow (man, I have GOT to get him more shirts XD) so I was going to do it this afternoon, as we have dance tonight and of course have to get up early tomorrow. But anyways, I digres...So I went to get the button and it was not where it had been for the past week (seriously...it was there yesterday! I know it was!) but that is okay, as there are two spare buttons sewn to the inside of the shirt, so I can use one of those and if the original button shows up sometime, I can sew it to the inside, no problem. And I borrowed the right color thread from Mom this weekend, so I had that. So I go to find my needles...and I have no idea where they are! None at all! I know I had them this spring (May 3, to be specific) when I fixed a hole in my dance dress. But I have NO idea where they are. So frustrating! So I was looking in my bead box, thinking that maybe they had been stuck there (after all, that would be a fairly logical place to put them). Alas! No luck, however, I *did* come across..

That darn pearl necklace!!!

A couple of years ago I was at my local bead store (had nothing better to do, I guess) and I was just looking around. Now, normally I'm not really big into pearls, especially not white pearls. However, this time I happened to notice a strand of tiny white/silver button pearls, and I decided that I HAD to have them. I thought they would be perfect wedding jewelry, although I wasn't planning on (ever) getting married. But anyways, I thought I would try pearl knotting so I bought a strand. And I made a double-stranded pearl knotted bracelet. Silk thread. SS clasp. And it was so pretty!!!!

Then last fall, I was out with Mom, and I thought that I wanted to make something for my bridesmaids to wear, in navy(ish) and lavender(ish). So I found two pearl strands that I liked and decided I would pearl knot necklaces for my bridesmaids. Annnyway. They happened to have a few strands of the tiny "wedding" pearls that I had made the bracelet out of. So, of course, I decided that I should buy two more strands and make a matching double stranded necklace for myself. To (possibly) wear with my wedding dress (but it didn't match, but I was going to go ahead and make it anyways).

So I made my bridesmaid's necklaces, no problem (I even bought matching silk thread online, because Crafts2000 only carries white and black). Then I start on my necklace. I get oohhhh maybe 4 inches in to the first strand...and I get a bad knot (not tight enough) that WON'T come out. So I go buy more thread, and start over. The same thing happens. FOUR TIMES. FOUR @)*$(#*$# times. >.<
So I gave up, and decided it was cursed. I had no problems when I did the bracelet, and that had two strands. I hadn't done even a quarter of that length with the necklace before it had problems.

Anyways...there it was, in my bead box. In a bag. And I have this sneaky little suspicion that I bought two more packs of silk thread (...which would be like six packs total for this ONE necklace >.<) to try again, but I don't know where they are. So now I am kind of tempted to try this necklace again. After all, it *has* been a year, and maybe the "curse" is broken. Maybe.

So that, my non-existant readers, is the story of That darn pearl necklace!

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