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Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm sick again. Same thing I had last week, only worse, so I must have either re-caught it on Sat when I was sneezing my head off or sneezing my head off just weakened my immune system. Grar. I had a lot I needed to get done today, too. I slept most of the day, still don't feel great. I'm going to fix dinner around 5:30. Soup, I think, because I might actually eat soup.

I really should be doing homework, and I am going to try to force myself to now, but I am just SO tired and ugh. I miss having Syd home. :\

I was looking at Ravelry, at the finished Ravelympics items, and was adding random patterns to my queue. I found two very pretty lacey skirts that I would like to make to wear dancing. My dance wardrobe definitely needs help. Then I went to look at my queue...and I have almost 100 items saved! D: Even if I never add another pattern, and kept knitting at the rate I am knitting now, it would still take me upwards of oh 20 years to finish off all of those patterns! Of course, I probably wouldn't actually end up finishing them all, as there are several lace patterns (a few I definitely want to do, but others I will probably end up doing maybe 1 out of 5 or so), and several fingerless gloves/mits. There are also some smaller items, like socks, but even so. The one shawl I am just DYING to knit is the civil war shawl...drooool. But that will take so much yarn and so much time to knit.

I am working on my 101 in 1001 list, but am stuck at around 50. Which is really silly, because there are so many things that I want to do I know I should easily be able to come up with 101! lol Maybe I have too many lists? Also, I know that many of the things that are on my full to do list are things that I can't get done in two years, or things that I can maybe get one or two things done per category (ie: I can't completely travel the world in two years, unless I forgo work and do nothing else, so I had to limit that to going to South Africa and maybe one other place).

Yeah..I am going to attempt to do something now. Or maybe just sleep more. >.<

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