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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I need more sleep.

I didn't get a nap today. And I hate algorithms class. Know what makes it even worse? The fact that I *shouldn't* hate it, I just hate the professor (as does everyone else, it really isn't just me) and that makes the whole class terrible. *le sigh* I mean, I have taken so many classes that are supposed to build on the foundations of this class (and be harder than this class) and I passed those with no trouble at all. So, theoretically, this class should be easy. Rawr.

I'm so hungry and Syd is 20 minutes late. And I even fixed dinner, tortillas included! Sheesh. And we need to go grocery shopping and I need to finish my reading for tomorrow and maybe work on my models if I have time.

I was looking on ravelry today and somehow found my way over to NoTwoSnowflakes on Etsy, where I found absolutely GORGEOUS yarn in the perfect color, perfect type (SILK!!! OMG ALL SILK! I LOVE SILK!!!), and perfect name (Shark Fin...Sharks are soooooo cool). However, it is $30 plus $3 shipping, BUT I could totally make the Seashell Shawl with it (which I already have the pattern for) and it is 830 yards of pretty laceweight silk, so....that is actually pretty cheap for a shawl. Hmmm wonder if I can talk Syd or Mom into buying it for my birthday (since I don't really have time right now and I really want to get started on Syd's sweater once the yarn arrives).

I do wish Syd's sweater yarn would get here, it's six skeins of Cascade 220 and I already have two skeins of Cascade 220 in a different color. But I do have the mon petit chou to finish first, anyways. The top is finished, I've only just started the bottoms because I don't have much time to knit.

I need more time to do things that I actually want to do, but between homework, and fixing Syd's lunch and my lunch and our dinner, and washing the dishes, and trying to keep the house semi-clean, I just don't have any time. And then Syd comes home at night and wants all of my attention (which isn't a BAD thing, I just haven't even ended up knitting during any movies or anything because by the time we start watching them it is just so late I don't want to mess up my knitting).

I need to go do something now. >.< Something PRODUCTIVE.

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