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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am so tired of this!

I am sick -again-. Now my throat is so sore, it hurts to swallow and my ears hurt and I just feel miserable, again. This is the fourth week in a row that one or the other of us has been sick. >.<

We started learning samba on Sunday in our private lessons. It's really fun...not sure if our next routine will be samba or swing. I like both dances...I think Syd can choose. We already know more swing, but I would like to be good enough at samba that we could go to a latin club and actually dance. :)

I'm good at writing lists but bad at getting them done, or keeping them up to date when they are done...lol. Oh well. XD

So I made bowling pin cupcakes for Syd to take to work to raise money for the IT Strikers bowling charity thingy. They are pretty cute. I will have to take pictures after I make the second batch and ice the bowling balls. :)

I also made muffins for Syd, chocolate chip muffins specifically, and he has already finished the first batch (made them on Monday), so now I am going to make another batch. They weren't terribly hard to make...I just need a better oven and a bigger muffin tray so I don't have to do two to three bakings every time I make muffins or cupcakes! lol

Finally, I got some pixel cookies made but they haven't been baked yet. I'm not sure how well they turned out, actually, I think next time I will actually make a couple of patterns first, then they might work better. Maybe I will do that now.

I would really like to feel good enough to get back on schedule and get stuff done. It is hard to actually make progress on anything when you don't feel well. Plus, I get more easily frustrated when I am sick. -_-

hmmm let's see, what else? I played some DDR this morning, with ankle weights. I actually like it better than doing it without ankle weights. I am hoping the weights will help to tone my legs. We'll see. I didn't play for too long though, maybe 20 minutes or so, because then I started to feel faint while I was dancing. Which is not good. Soooo I stopped. :P

In other news, my weight loss seems to be on track so far, without me killing myself exercising or starving myself, so that is good. Hopefully I can keep it up. I'd still like to start situps and pushups in the evenings with Syd again. We did that last year before our wedding and then stopped afterwards...why did we stop? Probably because I felt miserable after coming back from Florida. Sigh.

Okay I think I have run out of stuff to say. I am waiting on Syd to get home for lunch. I will figure out something to do while waiting, I guess...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching up...

Sooooooooo last week was kind of a waste of time, because I got a cold-thing and was miserable all week. T_T

But anyways, I really did the Illo Fri prompt, "time". But I was so sick and uninspired I did an even worse job than usual and so I was too ashamed to post it. ^^' I'll try to make this week's better.

I also did clean house, halfway, because I also had to do the laundry during my normal house-cleaning hours again. >.<

I didn't get through the Mystic Star KAL clues - not even halfway through! And now I have to take out the last row, which was halfway, because I messed up somewhere but don't know where and am off by ONE stitch. Ugh. And I hate taking out, so I have been putting it off. I shouldn't knit when I am tired, I mess things up. I did work on Syd's sweater some but I haven't really made any significant progress.

That was it...I was so tired and lazy that I just didn't do much of anything. Watched some netflix, slept a lot, and read three books. Well, finished one, read two, and am halfway through a third. Yay. :) But now I need to figure out some other books to reserve at the library so I can read them...maybe I should try the twilight series? :P

But! I did finally get my yarn dyed tonight, but I haven't been able to rinse it out yet and then it still has to dry after that. So I guess I won't really know how it turns out until tomorrow or sometime.

Tomorrow I am going to have a baking day. Because Syd wants me to make him muffins!!! :P And bowling pin cupcakes, and I never did get my Valentine's day cupcakes made, and I still have to make pixel cookies. And while I do that I will probably work on scanning some magazines because we really need to get things packed into boxes if we are wanting to move in May or June. Yep. =D


Yes, you. I'm talking to you. <.<


I guess I can try and motivate myself to add pictures to "spice it up". :P I do kinda wanna make a blog layout that is pretty.

Okie dokie that is all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Review - Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair by W. M. Thackery

I started Vanity Fair way back in December, and it took me until today to finish it. It is quite a long novel, and very wordy. The central plot revolves around two young (at least at the beginning of the book) women, Ameila (Emmy) and Rebecca (Becky), who are "friends", but who are as different as night and day. The book basically revolves around their romantic escapades and attempts at finding their places in the society of Vanity Fair.

While the book was amusing and fairly enjoyable, it did tend to ramble off into the author's views on different topics, things that didn't really quite relate to the story. Also, I found I only really liked one character. Emmy was too...pathetic, and Becky, while a strong character, was not really likeable (if this had taken place in modern times, she totally would have been a sorority slut).

Still, would definitely recommend the novel and the older movie - in the newest movie, Becky tries too hard to be "nice" and loses the character of the original Becky.

Now, which book from my classics list shall I move onto next? First, though, I have a captial crimes novel to finish, the latest Redwall novel, and the newest Tamora Pierce book. Yay!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am so lucky.

I have such a wonderful husband. <3 Even when he is too busy programming to pay much attention to me. :P He takes such good care of me and is so understanding. Plus, he loves doing things that I love doing and is always up for doing something new or different. I would be so lost and alone without him!

Sooooooooo I'm sick now. :\ No dance at all this week, which makes me very sad. I'm going to be in bed a lot this week.

I wanted to make a sterling silver heart necklace to go with my red V-day dress, but I can't find the right gauge of wire (16, round, dead soft) where it is not sold in lengths of 5'! I don't need five feet of wire, I need six inches! T_T But I really want to make that necklace. What is one to do?

This week I am going to try to work some on Maya (I did start my goldfish the other day, but I didn't finish it, and Maya makes my computer so slow -_-) and the Hobbit Comic Game and maybe our website.

For some reason, we can't find Mario Kart for the Wii anywhere, which is sad, and I don't think they ever released it without the Wii Wheel, and I really don't want a Wii Wheel - they are just gimmicky plastic holders for the Wii Remotes and they are TOTALLY over priced. :P

The third part of the Mystic Star KAL is released tomorrow, yay! =) And I am making progress on Syd's sweater, so that is good. Finally. :P I still haven't dyed my yarn, I have almost everything I need, but then Syd was sick, and now I am sick. :\ Maybe by the end of the week...

I can't think of anything interesting to say. Why do I even bother blogging? Seriously. So pointless. :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Illo Friday and stuff

So I got this week's illo friday prompt up here. So go look at it. It amuses me, even though I had a lot of trouble coming up with anything for this...I feel like my prompts are always shallow or tongue-in-cheek and very hmmm not serious. Maybe next week I will try something serious.

I used the copic markers. I love those markers. But one of them (Cool Grey No. 7) is totally dry. And that makes me sad. I guess I need to order refill? -_-

I also scanned in ummm three or four magazines, so that is slowly making progress. It takes forever to scan things though. Sigh.

I dyed my cookie dough (that sounds bad, doesn't it?) for the pixel cookies, which I will bake as soon as I get my oven cleaned out so it doesn't catch on fire again. Oops. ^^' The pink is NEON pink, it's kind of ummm...not edible looking, haha. I need to make my patterns...I will see what I can come up with. I have some ideas...

Syd is still sick but went to work anyways (even though I tried to tell him no! He just wouldn't listen! >.<).

There was something else I was going to say but I have no idea what it was. Hm.

I finished clue 2 of the Magic Star KAL. It is so pretty now! I love lace knitting...I should knit more shawls. Yep. I want to design a shawl, too...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Warm Feet Withdrawl

So I have had this rash on my foot for a year or so, and it just wouldn't go away. Now that may partially be due to the fact that the medicine I have for it is outdated, however...my Mom came up with another reason that it got so bad, spread to both feet, and drove me crazy. My boots. My wonderful, warm, fuzzy Ugg boots that I wear every day in the winter that were a birthday present, that I love. No more boots. No more warm feet. T_T

So I left my boots at Mom's house last weekend and have been wearing other (cold) shoes that get my feet wet. And, imagine that, my rash is about 10x less bright red and has not been itchy at all. I also got new medicine (over the counter though) so that may be helping some, but there is no denying that not wearing my boots has dramatically helped.

So. No wool for my feet. Ever. Or at least, no wool for my feet when I have a rash, and I don't know if it would give me the rash. Now, how in the heck am I supposed to knit pretty warm socks for my feet when I can't wear wool socks? This is just not fair!!! I want to cry.

At least I can still use wool/alpaca/whatever to knit with, as I don't seem to get excema on my hands. But still. Meh!

So aside from that...let's see, I made it through clue 1 of the Mystic Star KAL, so far so good. New clue out. Oh I made pixel cookie dough, but didn't color it because I couldn't find the toothpicks. >.< And Syd is sick. Poor love. <3 :\

That's all...I think.