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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am so lucky.

I have such a wonderful husband. <3 Even when he is too busy programming to pay much attention to me. :P He takes such good care of me and is so understanding. Plus, he loves doing things that I love doing and is always up for doing something new or different. I would be so lost and alone without him!

Sooooooooo I'm sick now. :\ No dance at all this week, which makes me very sad. I'm going to be in bed a lot this week.

I wanted to make a sterling silver heart necklace to go with my red V-day dress, but I can't find the right gauge of wire (16, round, dead soft) where it is not sold in lengths of 5'! I don't need five feet of wire, I need six inches! T_T But I really want to make that necklace. What is one to do?

This week I am going to try to work some on Maya (I did start my goldfish the other day, but I didn't finish it, and Maya makes my computer so slow -_-) and the Hobbit Comic Game and maybe our website.

For some reason, we can't find Mario Kart for the Wii anywhere, which is sad, and I don't think they ever released it without the Wii Wheel, and I really don't want a Wii Wheel - they are just gimmicky plastic holders for the Wii Remotes and they are TOTALLY over priced. :P

The third part of the Mystic Star KAL is released tomorrow, yay! =) And I am making progress on Syd's sweater, so that is good. Finally. :P I still haven't dyed my yarn, I have almost everything I need, but then Syd was sick, and now I am sick. :\ Maybe by the end of the week...

I can't think of anything interesting to say. Why do I even bother blogging? Seriously. So pointless. :P

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