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Monday, February 9, 2009

Review - Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair by W. M. Thackery

I started Vanity Fair way back in December, and it took me until today to finish it. It is quite a long novel, and very wordy. The central plot revolves around two young (at least at the beginning of the book) women, Ameila (Emmy) and Rebecca (Becky), who are "friends", but who are as different as night and day. The book basically revolves around their romantic escapades and attempts at finding their places in the society of Vanity Fair.

While the book was amusing and fairly enjoyable, it did tend to ramble off into the author's views on different topics, things that didn't really quite relate to the story. Also, I found I only really liked one character. Emmy was too...pathetic, and Becky, while a strong character, was not really likeable (if this had taken place in modern times, she totally would have been a sorority slut).

Still, would definitely recommend the novel and the older movie - in the newest movie, Becky tries too hard to be "nice" and loses the character of the original Becky.

Now, which book from my classics list shall I move onto next? First, though, I have a captial crimes novel to finish, the latest Redwall novel, and the newest Tamora Pierce book. Yay!

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