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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am so tired of this!

I am sick -again-. Now my throat is so sore, it hurts to swallow and my ears hurt and I just feel miserable, again. This is the fourth week in a row that one or the other of us has been sick. >.<

We started learning samba on Sunday in our private lessons. It's really fun...not sure if our next routine will be samba or swing. I like both dances...I think Syd can choose. We already know more swing, but I would like to be good enough at samba that we could go to a latin club and actually dance. :)

I'm good at writing lists but bad at getting them done, or keeping them up to date when they are done...lol. Oh well. XD

So I made bowling pin cupcakes for Syd to take to work to raise money for the IT Strikers bowling charity thingy. They are pretty cute. I will have to take pictures after I make the second batch and ice the bowling balls. :)

I also made muffins for Syd, chocolate chip muffins specifically, and he has already finished the first batch (made them on Monday), so now I am going to make another batch. They weren't terribly hard to make...I just need a better oven and a bigger muffin tray so I don't have to do two to three bakings every time I make muffins or cupcakes! lol

Finally, I got some pixel cookies made but they haven't been baked yet. I'm not sure how well they turned out, actually, I think next time I will actually make a couple of patterns first, then they might work better. Maybe I will do that now.

I would really like to feel good enough to get back on schedule and get stuff done. It is hard to actually make progress on anything when you don't feel well. Plus, I get more easily frustrated when I am sick. -_-

hmmm let's see, what else? I played some DDR this morning, with ankle weights. I actually like it better than doing it without ankle weights. I am hoping the weights will help to tone my legs. We'll see. I didn't play for too long though, maybe 20 minutes or so, because then I started to feel faint while I was dancing. Which is not good. Soooo I stopped. :P

In other news, my weight loss seems to be on track so far, without me killing myself exercising or starving myself, so that is good. Hopefully I can keep it up. I'd still like to start situps and pushups in the evenings with Syd again. We did that last year before our wedding and then stopped afterwards...why did we stop? Probably because I felt miserable after coming back from Florida. Sigh.

Okay I think I have run out of stuff to say. I am waiting on Syd to get home for lunch. I will figure out something to do while waiting, I guess...

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