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Monday, February 2, 2009

Warm Feet Withdrawl

So I have had this rash on my foot for a year or so, and it just wouldn't go away. Now that may partially be due to the fact that the medicine I have for it is outdated, however...my Mom came up with another reason that it got so bad, spread to both feet, and drove me crazy. My boots. My wonderful, warm, fuzzy Ugg boots that I wear every day in the winter that were a birthday present, that I love. No more boots. No more warm feet. T_T

So I left my boots at Mom's house last weekend and have been wearing other (cold) shoes that get my feet wet. And, imagine that, my rash is about 10x less bright red and has not been itchy at all. I also got new medicine (over the counter though) so that may be helping some, but there is no denying that not wearing my boots has dramatically helped.

So. No wool for my feet. Ever. Or at least, no wool for my feet when I have a rash, and I don't know if it would give me the rash. Now, how in the heck am I supposed to knit pretty warm socks for my feet when I can't wear wool socks? This is just not fair!!! I want to cry.

At least I can still use wool/alpaca/whatever to knit with, as I don't seem to get excema on my hands. But still. Meh!

So aside from that...let's see, I made it through clue 1 of the Mystic Star KAL, so far so good. New clue out. Oh I made pixel cookie dough, but didn't color it because I couldn't find the toothpicks. >.< And Syd is sick. Poor love. <3 :\

That's all...I think.

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