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Friday, May 1, 2009


So, knitting projects to be working on:
1. Yellow & Blue (or Orange?) Giraffe for Tammys' baby
2. Baby booties for Tammy's baby
3. Pink/Lt. Green/White striped elephant for Tammy's Rosie
4. Blue elephant for Maria?
5. Strawberries...
6. Finishing Anna's Little Mermaid Doll (hair, dress, face)
7. Orange ("gold") fish
8. Bright blue fish
9. Mini fish in many colors :D
10. something with my leftover yarns

So that is all of my "mini" projects that I have to be working on, then additionally I have:
1. Sexy purple dress
2. Sexy blue silk top
3. Aeolian for Maryna
4. American Beauty for Ma
5. Seascape Stole for Mom(birthday?)
6. Syd's Springbok Sweater
7. Apres Surf Hoodie...sigh
8. Some sexy top from the bamboo/silk
9. Black cashsilk(?) Wings of Horus for me...
10. Mystic shalws?

Plus I kind of want to get black and white Cascade 220 and make penguin and pirate "stuff"...and also I want to buy more fingering weight yarn and knit gloves and socks(!) for myself, randomly. And maybe make some more doilys...

Or I could just go to bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep OMG!

And, of course, that is only knitting projects in my to-do list, I haven't even gotten started on Make and Instructables projects, beads, programming, and Maya. I just found out you can take a 3D computer model and have it "printed" (aka molded :P)...and OMG I WANT ONE!!!!!