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Monday, October 6, 2008

101 in 1001

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

The Key:
Items in bold are headings/general info/categories
Items in italics are items in progress, with date begun and/or progress listed
Items in strikethrough are items that have been completed, with end date and link to corresponding blog post.

Heck, maybe eventually I'll feel like making my list pretty colored! :P

The Info:
So I have way too many things to do. Seriously! I can't even fit them all in a 101 list...so I left off most of the things that I think will not happend in the next two years, or chose between several things (trips to places) because even though some of the things in one category may be completed in two years, all of them cannot be (applies to things like travel). Oh, and I'm super indecisive so I may change/modify my list as I see fit...to add things or whatever. XD

1) cook one new main dish a month (10/33)
2) cook one new bread/pastry a month (10/33)
3) cook one new dessert a month (10/33)
4) cook one new candy a month (10/33)
5) embroidered set(s) of napkins, placemats, and tea towels - penguin & fish, Spring/Easter, Summer, Fall/Halloween, Winter/Christmas (0/4 sets)
6) dust, vacuum, and generally pick up the house once a week, regularly (40/143)
7) do a more thorough cleaning once every spring and fall (2/6)
8) decorate house for all major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Easter) (4/14)
9) make home/apartment pretty – themed bathroom, just generally nice
10) return to the Inn at Versailles for our honeymoon at least once
11) make/buy random “I love you” presents
12) Take random lessons or classes with Syd (archery, pottery, karate, whatever)
13) Make something that he requests every other week week (or surprise him) (30/171)
14) Do things together
a. Build a Kite (& fly it)
b. Build at least one thing from one issue of Make magazine
c. Put a puzzle together
15) Go see a movie (in theaters) at least four times a year (10/10)
16) Go bowling together
17) Go ice skating together
Exercise, Health, & Beauty
18) only eat out on dance nights (Thurs/Sun) and Saturday morning
19) Eat more fruits and vegetables (work up to 5/day)
20) Get weight down to 155 and keep it there (7/10)
a. buy new clothes to celebrate!
b. continue losing until 145 or 150, if possible :)
21) Start & Complete 100 push up challenge
22) Start flexibility workout (yoga?)
23) Learn to braid hair, easily: On hold, because the front of my hair is shorter than the rest now and it doesn't work to braid it :(
a. French braid
b. Lace braid
c. Fishtail braid
d. at least one crown braid
e. one braid with ribbon(s)
24) Buy a Hoopnotica hoop and video
25) Learn more poi moves…one a week? (1/143)
a. complete the Encyclopoidia (2/???)
b. work with The Scales Of Poi, as much as possible (0/???)
Travel & Adventure
26) visit South Africa next Christmas
27) Do things on our list of places to visit in Ohio (1/10)
28) Go places for the weekend
a. Aunt Jackie's
b. Springfield, Il.
c. NYC
d. Chicago
29) Take Dad to Gettysburg for re-enactment
30) Take Mom to Florida to SeaWorld & Discovery Cove
31) Return to St. Louis and actually be able to go places :P
32) Go to New Zealand
33) Go to the Tucson bead show (or just to Tucson?)
34) Use free flight tickets to go somewhere fun on a weekend
35) Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride
36) Go skydiving (indoor or actual…whatever!)
37) Crew or ride on a tall ship
38) Ride in a Waco Plane with Syd!
39) Reapply for a passport!
40) Buy RosettaStone learning language course thingies for any/all of the following:
a. French
b. Spanish
c. Chinese
d. Arabic
41) Learn Afrikaans – vocab sheet/week, or vocab specific to things we are going to go do
42) Read 50 books on my list of classics that I need to read (2/50)
43) Subscribe to magazines – Make Magazine, PC Format, 3D World, ?
44) Read at least 5 non-fiction books a year (2/13)
45) Study engineering and create cool stuff (then start a company, etc…)
46) Participate in NaNoWriMonth
47) Continue practicing French at home – watch Disney movies in French, read French blogs, etc
48) Continue to take random classes
49) Find a job! Completed Sept 30, 2009!
50) Save money in a separate savings account just for travel/trips
51) Save half of my salary in a personal retirement account
52) Go through bank & credit card statements each month when they arrive (0/33)
53) Get a credit card?
Programming & Computers
54) create professional 2.0 website with content
55) Post random blogs/tutorials on geeky computer stuff
56) Game programming
a. Hobbit Game
b. Thumbwiggle Games
c. 3-D Pirate game
d. 3-D world?
e. Agricola Test game
f. Settlers Test game
g. Stargate game
h. Jock game
57) Reminder program
58) Budgeting program
59) Continue to make 3-D models
60) …And 3-D shorts
61) Compile a demo reel
62) Go through computer files
63) Go through computer favorites
64) Back up computer onto external hdd
65) Read computer magazines to stay on top of “the industry”
a. CoDe Magazine
b. 3D World Magazine
66) Build a super powerful desktop computer from scratch!
67) Become an MCP
68) Make a pretty desktop background for Syd, with custom icons
Arts & Crafts
69) Use art prompt program to create artwork with Syd
70) Airbrush!
71) Knitting
a. Knit Syd’s sweater
b. Learn to knit socks
c. Knit lace shawls as gifts – Mom, Ma, ?
d. Knit baby present for Tammy & Rose Completed July 2009
e. Learn to Dye my own Yarns
f. Knit fingerless gloves Completed March 2009
g. Knit at least 10 finished objects (6/10) - plush elephant, plush fish, plush giraffe, fingerless gloves, purple dress, riding to avalon hoodie,
h. Design my own pattern(s)
72) Beading
a. Fire Armlets
b. Golden Snitch Flowers
c. Lavender flowers
d. Beaded pine cones
e. Projects from magazines
f. Monet cuff
g. Chinese coin bracelet, again
h. That Darn Pearl Necklace - Finished February 2009
i. Design my own pattern(s) and submit to magazine(s)
73) Needlecrafts
a. Finish butterfly pillow
b. Begin second pillow
c. Witty/Funny cross-stitch
i. Mario themed
ii. Geek themed
iii. Disney Shorts
d. Petit Point Pattern?
e. Create Disney Princess Dancing patterns?
74) Book Binding
a. Use the book from Irene, make random books for fun!
b. Learn to bind proper books, and bind Syd & my chat logs and emails
75) Lampworking
a. Make at least one SET of beads/month (0/33)
b. Learn and experiment with new techniques
c. Buy a kiln…
d. ..sell beads
e. ..& participate in Beads of Courage
76) Organization
a. Organize craft/art supplies

b. Scan magazine, etc patterns and organize in pdf format. (20/42, est.)
77) Jewelry Making (not beading)
a. Find some place to continue taking silver jewelry lessons
b. Or a studio to rent
c. Make some chain maille pieces
d. Make some wire pieces (not chain maille)
e. Keep design sketches while waiting for opportunity to continue silver lessons/studio space
78) Other
a. Shrinky dinks
b. Perler beads
c. Candle making
d. Soap making
e. Clothes/Costume making & altering – fire corset, princess dress, ballroom costumes ???
f. Learn to woodcarve?
g. Perfume making
79) Drawing
a. Use copic markers more!
b. Do every Illustration Friday Prompt (6/143)
c. Keep design sketchbook and actually use it…(fill an entire sketchbook with designs)
d. Art100 Challenge (0/100)
e. FanArt100 Challenge (0/100)
f. OCArt100 Challenge (0/100)
g. Illustrate an entire book (The Three Musketeers?)
h. Learn to draw all Disney "princesses", Disney style + my style & their expressions (0/12?)
80) Scrapbooking
a. Get caught up!
b. And then stay up-to-date
81) Home Geekiness
a. Create stuff to decorate house/apartment/cubicle with
b. Create cool magnets (stargate, mario, ?)

82) Become proficient in Latin dances, then go to Latin club(0/5)
a. Mambo
b. Salsa
c. Chacha
d. Jive
e. Samba
83) Continue dance lessons (aka, still be dancing at the end of 1001 days)
84) Actually PRACTICE outside of class >.> once a week?
85) Go to at least one or two dances a month (1/143)
86) Do at least two exhibitions a year (3/5)
87) Learn quickstep & Viennese waltz well enough to dance at Arbor Hall (0/2)
88) Compete for first time?
89) Create costumes to wear at one of the exhibitions!
90) Take pole dancing lessons because it looks fun
91) Take bellydance lessons or learn bellydance from videos
92) Take any other dance lessons (Chinese Folk Dance, ballet, etc?) that I can
93) Make Xbox pretty colors (& matching controllers)
94) Make geeky crafts/clothes/stuff
95) Make geeky foods (for Syd to take in to work?) (0/12)
(see “make custom desktop”, and “build projects from Make magazine”)
Other, Random
96) Learn modeling, balloon, and coin tricks for fun ^_^
97) Volunteer at aquarium, if possible
98) Send care packages, at least 5/year (4/13)
99) Send cards for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries (using reminder program)
100) Blog about each item on the list as it is in progress/completed
101) Celebrate each completed item in the list, the end date of the list and create a new one!!

from Thursday, January 8, 2009 to Thursday, October 6, 2011.

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