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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(Mis)Adventures of a Fall Break

So, this weekend was fall break, and I had Monday and Tuesday classes off. Since Syd is working, I decided to actually have a break Saturday and Sunday (for once!) and spend Monday and Tuesday working on my senior seminar project.

Saturday Mom came over, and we went to the Commons, had lunch at First Watch, and then went shopping at the mall. I was looking for a cocktail dress to wear for our chacha routine, but the only thing that I found that I *reaaaaaaaaally* wanted was $168, $68+tax over my budget. Sigh. So I came home empty-handed, except with knitting needles so I can maybe finally start Anna's Ariel.

Sunday Syd drove me down to the Greene, where we had never been but kept meaning to go. We looked around there, but it was uninspiring. Very pretty, though. Too many food shops and work clothes selling places. Not a single cocktail dress even worth trying on! Bah! So once again, we came home empty handed. After eating at Don Pablo's. But it was still fun. Sunday late afternoon/night Syd spent figuring out a problem in his work, where dynamically deleting items caused other dynamic text boxes to lose their information. After determining that it was not a problem with the viewstate, searching through myriad articles in the MCSD and developer blogs and not finding the answer, he finally stepped through the code with all the variables showing at the bottom of the screen and eventually figured out the problem (the dynamic text box's indices are not automatically renumbered, but the dynamic controls are, which is very odd) and it took a good three lines of code to fix it. At 3:30 AM. :P

And so Monday I got up and got him off to work, and settled in to work on giving my Fishy a face (well, continue giving him a face, really, because I had already created the eye sockets and did a little bit of the "nose", but still had the mouth, lips, cheeks, and actual eye balls to do. And so I do get that done, but not really to my ummm liking. >.< So I still need to fix that. And then Syd came home at 3, and said that the contractor had cancelled the assignment because the company was being unreasonable (which was true) but he was still kind of bummed. So we went home to my parent's house for dinner, then came back later in the evening. Yeah.

Today, since Syd was home, we slept in late (well, relatively so) and then Mom came over and we went out to lunch with her. I wanted to go to the mall here, and to Kohl's, but never got around to it, because I ended up working on my penguin model all afternoon. Good news: The penguin model is lacking only in eye ridges (in place of brows, because penguins just don't HAVE eyebrows :P), eye balls, and her "hair" feathers. But I still need to start rigging the characters, because I want to have the animation itself basically done in just over a month. Meep. That does not give me much time, especially with all of my other work. :\

However, I *do* think I am getting better at creating models. I suppose that is progress of some sort.

I have classes again tomorrow. That is sad. I don't like class and I didn't get enough done over break, really. I still haven't gotten mail ready, I need to write a thank you and a note to my Grandma, because she had surgery today and her birthday is this week, and Grandpa's birthday is next week! Oh my!

We haven't even had time to put Halloween decorations up!!! Noooooo!

I was going to try to seam my sweater this weekend, too. Sigh. Oh well, I guess it will have to wait (more). By the time I get around to seaming it, it will probably be too warm to wear it! :P

Okay, I think I am going to be done working for today, yeah. :) I'm tired. :\

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