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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I do NOT understand the aversion Men have...

of writing down items on a grocery list when they run out! It is NOT THAT HARD!!!! And how the hell am I supposed to know we are out of it if I am not the one who used it up?? >.<

Now I can't make dinner. BAH!!!!

*breathe, self. breathe* I am just trying SO HARD to be on top of things and I bought $50 of groceries last night (granted, $15 of that was spent on ground coffee for Syd and wine for cooking, but still), and I still don't have all the bloody stuff I need.

Plus I am trying to cook dinner so we don't eat out so much and stuff, and then I end up giving up time that I should be studying or whatever in to make dinner, which is okay, but then it is frustrating to try and not be able to. Plus, I did the dishes so that I would have the pots and pans I needed (also so Syd wouldn't have to do them when he got home). >.<

Maybe I am just in a bad mood, however. Because I am tired and still half-sick and this has been a whole week now of being sick or half-sick and less than productive and so now I am running behind on stuff (or at least not as ahead as I would normally be) and so now I am starting to panic, but I still don't feel good enough to really push myself to get things done.

Or something. I don't know, I don't even feel good. :\ I'm probably partly PMSing on top of everything else because I already have my montly pimple. So I'm sure that isn't helping anyways because I do tend to feel rather lousy around that time.

I just want it to be the weekend yet. At least Friday I don't have my religion class, so that might help a little bit.

I don't even know why I am wasting the time in writing this. It's not like anybody reads it, and besides, it's not like I have anything interesting to say either! :P

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