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Monday, November 19, 2007


OMG, I never would have thought it was possible, but I actually found a chocolate bar that I like! We were at Meijer yesterday looking for canned cream (which turned out to be....normal cream, which here comes in a cardboard milk carton) in the International Foods Section - Brisish, and Syd was like "They have Aero bars!! That is so South African!"

Aero bars are Nestle Milk Chocolate bars with a "whipped" bubbly inside. The outside is stil smooth like a normal chocolate bar, but the inside is full of little bubbles and it just melts while you eat it and it rocks your socks. Or, at least, my socks. XD

So I am totally hooked on Aero, but the only problem is, the Int'l Food Aisle at Meijers is the only place you can get them here. Now, why is that? Really? Does that make ANY sense? No, it is yummy and Americans love chocolate, right?

I also have been on a hot chocolate fix lately. Instead of sorbet, I drink hot chocolte. Cold for warm weather, hot for cold weather. Works for me! I got spoiled in Quebec for really good, French, CHOCOLATEY chocolat chaude, none of this milky weak American hot chocolate! (You'd be surprised how hard it is to find GOOD hot chocolate). We buy Ghirardelli Double Chocolate and sometimes add a little bit of (Imitiation) Almond Extract to it...and of course mini marshmallows! (Whipped cream would be nice, but too fatty).

So...am I totally obsessing about chocolate because I am hungry? Probably. ^^'

So...linky linky: Nestle Aero Bubbles bubbles bubbles >.>

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