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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate my internship

Yeah, so it has pretty much been a complete waste of time. And now I am at the point where I have to sit down and write up "deliverables" to hand in. A "nontechnical" paper, a "technical" paper, a poster, AND a powerpoint presentation (which I then have to present). AKA "pull stuff out of my butt" that looks/sounds good about what I DID for my internship and why it is important.

Which leads directly to the problem: I didn't actually DO anything for my internship (because I wasn't given anything) and I therefore don't have anything to write about. And the stuff that I DID do really ISN'T important. So.


I am really tempted to just not turn them in, or to go to the prof and tell him that I really have no clue what to write. But he doesn't really care. Obviously. So.

...I'm kind of in the mood to color pictures. XD I will have to see what good things I have to color. Yeah...although I could be knitting or needlepointing or even (le gasp) working on Senior Seminar or my dance animation.

But I think I should get the papers, poster, presentation, etc, out of the way now (even though it means pulling BS out of my...erm..yeah) because I am going to be so busy once classes start that it isn't even funny. All my free time? Yeah, that will pretty much cease to exist until mid-December.

Speaking of that, I need to order my textbooks this week, and I need to be searching for jobs. That scares me. I need to get a website up and running with pretty models and code and stuff. Meep.

So that probably means I should stop this stream-of-consciousness writing and actually get down to DOING something that I need to do, right?

But...that isn't any fun. :(

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