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Monday, December 1, 2008

Almost there?

So this is the list of started-but-unfinished projects that need finishing after I am done studying:
1) That darn pearl necklace
2) Butterfly Needlepoint
3) Anna's Ariel
4) Mermaid Earrings
5) Florida Earrings
6) Birthday Happiness Earrings
7) Syd's Sweater
8) Jingle Bell Earrings (repaint)
8) Um?

And a list of things that I have not yet started but am planning to start:
1) French beaded snitch
2) French beaded lavender bunch
3) French beaded pinecone
4) Tatted necklace
5) Fire corset
6) Matching fire beaded cuffs and necklace
7) Disney Shorts Cross-stitch
8) Little Mermaid / Disney Princess wall art (cross-stitch/needlepoint/drawing)
10) Christmas Cards
11) Hobbit Comics (Christmas present)
12) Knit Fish & Elephant (for Nate & Leah, Christmas Presents)
13) Fish Had for Syd
14) Presents for Irene, Maria, Tammy...
15) I'm sure there is more stuff I can't think of now...

I love you my fishy! <3

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