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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So, I'm done!

I'm finally finally done! No more evil professors! No more slaving away to homework! No more getting four hours of sleep a night for a week and a half! I'm done! I passed! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! ^_^

And I actually passed with decent grades! I'm totally surprised. I didn't even think I would survive a fall semester with five classes, must less do pretty good.


Tomorrow night is the New Year's ball. Yay! But I need to learn to braid my hair pretty before then, so I am going to try this afternoon. And toight we are going to Tammy & Adam's for a board game night. So that will be fun, I haven't seen Tammy in forever! And she is pregnant again, I need to find out when she is due...so I can knit her baby a blanket, or something, I guess.

I need to catch up on all of the things that I have been wanting to do but have been so overworked by classes that I haven't had time to do. Plus, I want to continue working with Maya and improving my skills with that, and eventually completely redo my senior seminar animation project. But right now I am just still so tired from the last week of classes, then Christmas, etc, and since Syd is working again I have been getting up early and doing more stuff around the apartment and stuff that I am just totally incapable of getting anything done at all. :P

Like right now I should be seaming my sweater...instead of posting this. Heck, I don't even know why I post stuff. O_O Not like anybody reads this, because I don't post regularly and I don't put pictures up and I don't even have anything interesting to say! So I guess this is mostly just a journaly thing for me. It's good for keeping to-do lists though. =)

Okay I'm going to seam my sweater now. And then figure out what else to do with my day.

I want to buy stuff now that Syd has a job but realistically I shouldn't, because we both need new dance shoes and we would like to take Shotokan Karate lessons (Syd used to, and misses it, and I think it would be fun and a good way to get in shape, seriously) and we want to go places (skiing at Mad River Mountain, the zoo, around? :P) and stuff and yarn is kind of sadly expensive. So basically I need to finish the projects that I have now (well, Anna's doll didn't cost very much but I am so close to being done I should finish it now, but Syd's sweater did cost a bunch and I should work on it, I just need to get the yarn divided up onto bobbins and am procrastinating that part :P) before buying yarn for any other projects, there are just six projects that I am really wanting to try (long opera gloves, fingerless gloves, lace stole for Mom, lace "ballet" dress for me, pirate socks, lace top for me, and maybe "Quidditch"/rugby socks for me..okay, so that is seven. :P Whatever!).

Okay, I'm going to start seaming now. See if I can get that off my list, at least!

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