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Friday, December 26, 2008

I can't believe I'm done!

I'm done I'm done I'm done! But it doesn't feel like I'm done yet. :( It will, though...maybe once I catch up on sleep?

So it's almost time for New Years resolutions. I don't know whether to make any or none. O_O


1) finish writing my 101/1001 list!
2) learn to knit socks this year
3) knit at least two: sweaters, lace shawls, scarves (presents), and gloves...
4) continue to keep sketchbook/inspiration/pattern idea "journal"
5) actually MAKE some of the things from my sketchbook
6) make our apartment prettier
7) clean once a week
8) cook at least one new meal a month, and reduce eating fastfood to after dance and Saturday's with Mom, except on "special" occasions...
9) lose at least 10 pounds..
10)...continue ballroom dancing (learn viennese waltz! and latin club dancing!)
11) continue learning poi, and actually make an entire poi routine =)
12) start some other kind of exercise (bellydance/hooping/karate/swimmming/whatever)
13) enjoy my time off for a bit, and then FIND A JOB!
14) continue working with Maya and other 3-D graphics programs, and create lot of models, worlds, and shorts to put into a demo reel!
15) write video game with Syd!
16) for a while(aka while not working) try to make one new Hobbit Comic every week

...that's all I've got for the moment. Hm. I can think of lots more though. Which is the problem. The more stuff I want to do, the less is going to get done.

Now, I am going to go work on finishing Anna's little mermaid doll. And watch something on Netflix.

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