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Friday, January 2, 2009


So, now that is is 2009 (yay!), it is time to look back on 2008.

There were lots of good things that happened in 2008. Syd recieved his green card. We had our "real" wedding (as opposed to our "fake" courthouse wedding?). We got to go back to Disney World and see more of Florida. I got to go surfing! And I went to the beach, for the first time - ever (was just as good/even better than I'd imagined ^_^). I learned about Maya and got access to it at school. Maya is awesome! I finally took the silver jewelry class (also awesome!). We did our first ballroom dance exhibitions, in Columbus and at Dance Fair. Syd got a good programming job, finally. So now we have a source of income! And I finally finally finally graduated, which nearly killed me, but I did it, and somehow my grades were actually GOOD (Seriously, I still have no idea how I survived five classes in one semester >.<)!

Then there were some not-so-good things. Like ICE agents waking us up at 7 and lying to us (multiple times) and dragging Syd down to Cincinatti WITHOUT RIGHT (and actually, almost technically illegally) and putting him in jail for the night, destroying any belief that I had in the goodness, effectiveness, or ummm worth of the American Government. Kind of sad when your government betrays you just becuase it is "easier" for some government employees to go after REGISTERED aliens who are trying to get adjustment of status and have filed (after which they cannot be deported anyways until the results of the change of status are completed, one way or the other) so they know where they are than to actually DO THEIR JOBS catching ILLEGAL aliens. Completely destroyed my faith in the government, and I now believe the system is completely broken (as opposed to partially broken). Oh, and then there was the frustrating internship. The amount of time it took for Syd to find a job. The really really bad job at UCR from which he would come home with his back in a knot from pressure/stress. Stupid required classes. And evil professors. Of course, the election. Which was bad either way, really, because I am now for the Libertarians, and don't think there is much difference between the Dems and Repubs really. Both corrupt, inept, and full of stupidity. Bad economy largely because of stupid government policies. Everyone and their mother asking for (and receiving?) "bailouts" which won't work anyways...

But overall, I guess it was a pretty good year. Ended on a good note, anyways. Hope that 2009 will be even better, that I will be able to get a job and we will be able to save for another car, move to a better apartment, and go on a trip to South Africa (and/or New Zealand) by the end of the year so that I can FINALLY meet my in-laws! :D

The New Year's ball was awesome. Although now I am hungry for chocolate-covered strawberries (bought strawberries and chocolate!). We danced. A lot. We have improved an amazing amount from last year at this time, when we still only knew bronze dances and couldn't do silver waltz or foxtrot at all (now we can get around the room!). I braided my hair all pretty! And it actually turned out pretty well, which was surprising. We had a board game night with Tammy and Adam, that was mostly really fun. Rosie is adorable!

I still need to finalize my resolutions, which will be officially coming later, I guess, and I want to complete my 101 in 1001 list (which will probably include most of my resolutions :P). So, yay!

I want to buy yarn. >.>

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