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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fun

Sooooo I woke up this morning and watched Wives & Daughters, Part 3...I love that series. And the book, as well. And I knitted while watching, I am almost to the point with the white skirt that I can cast off a bunch on the ends and just fill in the middle, which will hopefully make it go faster? A little bit cheating, but I don't really want to knit the whole underskirt. XD

What else did I do? I played DDR for a while. I emailed my husband <3. I looked at acid dyes. I'm still waiting on my yarn to ship, I don't think I am going to be able to begin the KAL on Monday...oh well, I will just have to catch up. I should probably stop by Hobby Lobby this afternoon and buy a circluar needle, size..um...4? I think? O_O 3.25 mm?

And then I cleaned house. I dusted the living/dining/study room, and the bedroom, and I vacuumed the living/dining/study roomed, and mopped the bedroom and the kitchen. And I cleaned the bathroom. >.< And now I am tired. But at least I am so far keeping up with my 101 in 1001 goal to clean the house every week! It still looks too full of stuff...but I guess it is! XD

Next week I need to try a new dessert (creme brulee, I think) and a new candy (not sure what...I realllly want to make homemade Aero bars but I don't have a whipping canister and I don't think I really want to buy one just now?). I reaaaaaaaaally want to make geeky cookies or cupcakes (or both). I saw a how-to for pixel cookies, which looks really fun and amusing, and I also kind of want to do Star Wars themed cupcakes (with mini edible lightsabers!!!). So...we'll see if either of those happen next week.

I need to start applying for jobs. I am stumped as to where to apply, however. :\

Okay got to get on with it, I've got lots to do this afternoon and not much time to do it!

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