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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January New Main Dish

So last night for dinner I made "Fish Fromage", which is a fish - and - cheese (as the name implies) casserole. I have never made it before...actually I don't really do casseroles very often! ^^' But Syd requested this, and it is good. It actually turend out well, which is surprising...often things I make don't turn out quite right the first time. Ah well, I try. And usually the second time I can cut down on the amount of time that it actually takes to make it!

So this morning I worked on my French Beaded Golden Snitch. It's not quite done (the center is done, as is half a wing :P) but it is getting there. I just used beads that I already had on hand, but the colors are pretty good. I bougth them this summer to build up my bead stash, which is made up primarily of blues and greens and a few purples and I was trying to get some more variety in there :P, and then never used them (ended up busy, going back to classes, etc, so...things kind of stopped getting done?). But they were perfect for this project! Yay!

I think DDR killed me...seriously. Ow. And I still want to work on poi, and figure out a poi song and actually start on a poi routine. Yeah. I need more moves to have a good routine, though. I don't feel like I am progressing much, and I am trying to change that, but...it is hard? :P

I also want to start scanning some of my bead and knitting projects/patterns and storing them in PDF files. I haven't figured out yet how to actually arrange them yet...by magazine issue? By project type? >.< I have no idea...

I'm going to make my husband chocolates again this afternoon, and maybe make some muffins too. ^_^ Too bad I can't eat the muffins! I'm fixing chili soup for dinner tonight (which is, technially, also a "new main dish"...uses a new chili recipe that I have been meaning to try for ages), I think, which shouldn't take terribly long.

Man, I still need to clean the bedroom. Sigh.

And I still need to knit, needlepoint, and ummm stuff. Yeah. At least we finally orderd from amazon last night, I am excited for my new bellydance DVDs to arrive! YAY! And a yoga stretch workout! I need to stretch, I have lost a lot of my flexibility and would like to get it back for dance class.

And I also need to color/finish my IlloFriday pic...gah! >.<

And I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep. -_-

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