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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got yarn in the mail yesterday! =D And it's so prettyful!!!! Now I have to wind it up and cast on for the Mystic Star KAL. I'm so excited! ^_^ And I ordered Acid Dye and am going to be dyeing some of my merino purple-ish and using that to knit cabled fingerless gloves and maybe legwarmers, for the SKC 2009 1st Quarter KAL. Yay!

Syd says I have a knitting fetish...I say I don't have enough money to spend on yarn for it to be a fetish. And I actually have more of a beading fetish, I definitely own more $$ worth of beads than I do of yarn! XD

Soooo this week I need to:
1) bake sugary goodness. I'm still debating between Star Wars cupcakes and Pixel cookies, though
2) Illo Fri
3) exercise
4) Creme Brulee for dessert
5) continue scanning magazines
6) poi
7) finish the first fire armlet
8) start applying for jobs?

and Next Week or in the first two weeks of February:
1) valentines cupcakes (cupcakes, V-day sprinkles in batter, raspberry jam heart on top)
2) fondue
3) chocolates of some kind

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