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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Muffins! And other stuff.

So I made cheddar cheese muffins this morning for Syd, I think he likes them. They were very easy to make. Yay, muffins! Now, if only I could actually EAT them. :P

I also made chili for lunch, with a recipe that I have never used before. It was pretty good, it might have been better had I actually had one of the spices that were supposed to go into it. Oops. I though I did have some of that, but...I didn't. ^^' Oh well.

I also got the bedroom floor cleaned, FINALLY, and moved stuff back into the room. So, next I want to go through the electronics box and then maybe some of the stuff on the shelf. ^_^

I'm going to play DDR for an hour now. I also need to do dishes. And make chocolates. And write checks and get them ready to mail. And other things. *sigh* I never have enough hours in the day. Oh! And I get to figure out what the heck to make for dinner! And...I have NO clue. >.< Oh dear. And I also have no car...so I can't go to the store so I have to make with what I have. Hmmmmm. I'm sure I can come up with something. Yup.

I'm going to start keeping count of calories, I think. Syd thinks it would be a good idea, so...I'll give it a shot. I'd really like to be able to wear my black Chinese chengosam. Really. REALLY really.

Oh yeah! I also need to fix up new earrings so I can wear them! And stuff. Yup. Syd wants me to write an email for him. And I want to finish my IlloFri drawing. And look at bellydance videos. And do poi. And and and...no time, system crash. >.<

Okay since I have so much to do I am going to finish this off and go do stuff now! Yay!

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