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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Illustration Friday - Pale

So I submitted a drawing to illustration friday again this week. 2/2 so far! ^_^

It can be found here: Pale

Really happy with the expression, less happy with the bangs, but overall not too bad considering I did it in about an hour or less.

Also I have been keeping up with exercising and eating less, so hopefully I am progressing on that scale as well (no pun intended).

Need to work more with poi. I did create a list of all the poi moves I know how to do but I need to review them and review linking them all together as well as learning new moves. I wish there was a poi group in my area.

Going to do some bellydance now, I think. Or maybe more DDR. Or maybe...maybe I will just do nothing at all. :P

I need to email my love. Yeah I will do that and then figure out what else to do!

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