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Monday, April 6, 2009

Chocolate Making, Day 1 - Dipping

So we went to Sugarcraft over the weekend (also to the Zoo, and Jungle Jim's, and putt-putting, and to the movies, but I digress), and so I now have a double boiler. Yay! :D And an egg mold!

I was able to melt milk chocolate MUCH more easily, without killing it, and I think I even tempered it fairly well. I ended up with 12 chocolate-dipped Oreos (to which I added hard-sugar decorations) and the same number of chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks (to which I added easter-colored, aka pastel, nonpareils). I can't eat them, but that is okay (and is probably better for me anyways). I couldn't even eat them if I dipped my own pretzels, because I did the oreos first (as they are a gift) and the chocolate was therefore wheat/gluten contaminated.

I had fun, and it was much less frustrating than the last time I tried dipping anything. I actually had the right tools, the double boiler helped a lot, and I now know (at least, in theory) how to temper chocolate.

Tomorrow I am going to try making hollow chocolate eggs, "Cadbury" creme eggs, and "Kinder" eggs. I need to get the clips tonight so that I can clip the two halves of the mold together. Although, given the amount of things I want to make it may take more than one go...I will probably make more chocolate covered pretzels (some for me next time, with white chocolate) with the leftovers from the batches.

Other than that this week, let's see...well, I finished the Mystic Star KAL last week, finally, sans blocking (which is unlikely to happen until after we move and/or I have a job, so 2+ months probably). I am finishing up a small lace doily that I started as part of the little needle lovers monthly KAL, and am finishing the crochet border off tonight. Kalinumba has an Egyptian-themed KAL starting next week, called the "Eye of Horus". I signed up for it, but I am not sure if I will find yarn and start knitting in time or if I will wait until I get the shawl for Ma done first or what. Hmmm. I am also currently awaiting the right size and length needles in order to start two knits from the Sensual Knits book that Syd bought me for Valentines Day <3. I'm going to check my LYS Thursday when I take the car in...if they have them I might go ahead and buy them, I am quite happy with they HiyaHiya needles I bought for the Mystic Star Shawl KAL and the price was fine.

Finally, dance-related, we began International Rumba on Sunday, so this is our first introduction to International Style. I'm totally excited, it is really fun and it looks good and yay! That means we are better than they are! XD Or something like that. We also did our chacha full speed, so we will be doing it faster than previously, and we did a little bit of Tango.

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