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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I miss jewelry class!

I went over this afternoon to pick up my final pieces from silver jewelry last semester...man, I miss that class. :'( And I want my own studio with equiptment, or at least some place where I can rent a studio with equiptment!!!!

I'm making more chocolates this afternoon...strawberries, oreos,and who knows what else! Maybe coconutty things.

I'm also planning a blog layout update, with image links to the side and lots of cool stuff. :3 But it will probably take me forever.

Let's see...what else? Oh yeah I am still working on ASP.NET tutorials randomly, which is kind of fun. I want to work with flash, but I need to buy flash or adobe CS3/4. And I want to work with Maya some, too, but I need a better laptop. And a second external drive, so that when Syd takes the drive we have to work to listen to music I can still work on things. We do have gift cards that we could put towards that sometime. >.>

I'm really in the mood to do something fun. Either go somewhere, or make something. One of the projects in MAKE magazine, for example? MAKE magazine is totally awesome.

I need to be figuring out birthday presents for fishy..ack too much too much too much to do...

I was sad that I didn't get to attend the local Tax Day Tea Party yesterday. I kind of wanted to, but it has been such a bad week with Syd working constantly, we are both sleep deprived (which gives me headaches, literally) and I have had stomach aches all week constantly, probably accidentally got something contaminated at Easter. :( So it didn't happen, but I'm thinking about going to the next one. :P If I can talk Syd into it...he thinks governmental protests are useless (and he is quite possibly right)...but I still think it would be fun! Besides, nothing would ever get done if everyone had that attitude.

I reserved some more exercise books at the library (and some other random stuff too). Yay, fun! ^_^

Okay chocolate-making time. After dish-washing time. Ugh, dishes. >.< Oh how I hate thee!

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