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Friday, April 3, 2009

Guitar Hero: Metallica - ROCK ON!

The next in the Guitar Hero : band installment came out just recently, this one (the second after Guitar Hero : Aerosmith) based around Metallica, and using the new GH:World Tour format. Now, I really really personally disliked World Tour, although I have decided that this can be attributed to the serious lack of decent songs (there were only about three songs worth playing in World Tour, and I could easily five star nearly all of the songs on hard the first go-round). I still don't like the smaller notes buuuuuut hey our TV is tiny so this is likely the reason.

GH: Metallica is full of reaaaaallly good songs, both Metallica and other bands, and has even more songs than previous versions. It does have two "intro" songs that were included in other versions of Guitar Hero, but I'm not complaining. :) I also like the way they really captured the band, their facial expressions and movements seem much more realistic than previous versions.

Also improved from World Tour is the difficulty level of the songs. They are much more challenging on hard, and very difficult on expert. Which is good, because the challenge means I will have something to play while I wait for the next installment of the Guitar Hero Universe! =D

Rating: 4 out of 5

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