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Monday, April 20, 2009

I need to get back with it.

Okay so I am getting a bunch of random stuff done this morning, then fixing lunch for Syd, then going to get groceries and run errands (library, post office). After that, depending on the amount of time I have, I want to work on our professional website, Maya, ASP.NET random tutorials, and stuff...and tonight I want to finish the scrapbooking page we started last night (it is mostly done and it is AWESOME!), and start the other one (it has to semi-match), and I also kind of want to bake something, plus I will have to fix dinner.

I am also quite in the mood to cook or bake. I want to try making churros, because Syd has taken quite a liking to those, and I also want to try quesadillas with spinach and fish. Maybe I will make that as a meal some day this week. And then Syd & I want to try fruit leather and rock candy, both. And I want to make Ystervarkkies for Syd. And more chocolates and candy making, maybe I'll make some fish-shaped gummies once I get my new molds (which should ship this week).

Additionally, I need to get my rear-end in gear on scanning magazine patterns, as I would ideally like to have those all scanned and boxed before we move...hahaha, at the rate I am currently going, that is highly unlikely. So I really need to work on that.

I've got my fingers crossed that I will be able to use my lampwork supplies when we move, I miss lampworking and it is too much of a hassle at Mom's house. I want to make Magic, The Gathering beads and send a box of fun stuff to Maria. :)

We still haven't finished rounding everything up for the box to send to SA. We are still missing stuff for Willem and then I need to find all of our DVD's of stuff and make a compiled video and copy it like four or five times and send it to various people..yay.

So, to sum it all up:
1) groceries
2) errands
3) dinner
4) apartments/housing
5) magazine scanning
6) packing
7) cooking/baking
8) exercising
9) knitting
10) DVD
11) professional website
12) flash/Maya/animation
13) art
14) scrapbooking
15) present for John?
16) geeky crafts
17) dance
18) poi
19) bead
20) birthday presents

Okay I really don't want my list to have more than 20 things so I am going to stop now. :P I also really need to finish at least one Hobbit Comic and get back into doing Illo Friday...

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