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Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Nights

Movie #1: Monsters vs. Aliens
Very enjoyable. We were the only people in the theater, which was nice, and the movie is very cute. Had to laugh when Susan tells her mom on her wedding day that she was "hit by a meteor!" and her mom replies "That's normal, dear, everyone feels that way on their wedding day!" (side note: I did not!) Not as inspired as any Pixar movie, nor even as good as Shrek or Madagascar or Bolt, but still very enjoyable and fun.

Movie #2: Fast & Furious 4
Yay! Very much as good as the earlier Fast & Furiouses...not sure what the subtitle for this one was, it should actually be F&F 1.5 or something. But anyways, very hot cars. And a very good plot, actually. Same cast (for the most part) as the original. If you like awesomely tricked out cars and racing...this is definitely a must-see. On a side note...omg Vin Diesel has waaaaaaaaaay too much muscle. It's scary.

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